Niantic Announces Exclusive Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Shirt


Niantic has announced new details for Pokemon GO Fest 2022, including a special event-exclusive shirt. Let’s take a look at the news and discuss below.

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Here are the latest updates from Niantic on Pokemon GO Party 2022:

Memorial Pokemon GO Fest 2022 T-Shirt: Coaches in select locations will be able to purchase a commemorative T-shirt Pokemon GO Fest 2022 t-shirts—and all Trainers can grab a matching avatar item from the in-game store! Trainers in the locations listed below will be able to purchase Pokemon GO Fest 2022 commemorative t-shirts by pre-ordering from Niantic Supply. Niantic Supply will ship to the following countries.

You can check out this Niantic Supply site here.

Locations include United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and Australia. I bet we’ll see expanded opportunities to get products in person Pokemon GO Fest 2022 events that will follow the remote global event.

Personalized special search: trainers can personalize their Pokemon GO Experience the festival by choosing a difficulty level for their special research as well as an objective: catch, explore or fight. Trainers who complete the Special Research will earn an encounter with the Mythical Pokemon Shaymin in its Earth form.

Now, we were aware of this encounter with Land Forme Shaymin as part of GO Fest 2022. However, I have written an update based on communication with Niantic directly to Bleeding Cool regarding Sky Forme Shaymin’s availability after GO Fest 2022. Sky Forme Shaymin previously announced as the in person and the GO Fest 2022 event encounter on location, suggesting it will be an entirely different encounter (rather than a shape-shifting situation) than Land Forme Shaymin. You can read my takeaways from Niantic’s post here.

We are fast approaching Pokemon GO Party Weekend 2022. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for all the latest news as we enter the most exciting time of the year to be a player of this long-running and beloved game.

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