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Loan offers are like sand by the sea. But consumers who shop online or order from the catalog have other options for tapping into sources of finance. The mail order industry is currently being overrun by a bankruptcy wave, because according to him has also been hit, but consumers can still order their goods from the big ones and do not have to invoice immediately if they want pay. It is often used to advertise exactly that. Consumers should take a so-called payment break and order goods today, which they then only pay half a year later.

Attention, the bill is deceptive – the goods have to be paid for, just not immediately, but that does not necessarily have to be an advantage.

Of course, many consumers see it differently and are delighted when mail order companies come to meet them in this way, so they can order goods that they do not have to pay for the time being, but can already use. This applies to clothing, furniture and home accessories so that it is possible to completely re-dress without having to put money on the table. However, it should not be forgotten that the goods only belong to the consumer when they have been paid for in full.

Order the goods on credit

Order the goods on credit

If these offers from the mail order company are not enough, you can of course also take out a normal installment loan. The amount of the interest is usually not in the advertising, but the loan makes it possible to pay for the entire product in normal installments, like an installment loan. The credit check at the mail order companies is pretty casual. It is usually sufficient if the Credit Bureau information is in order and there were no payment disruptions in the order history. Here, consumers who do not get a loan directly from the banks due to their low income have a chance to get a loan because there is no need to prove that they are in a permanent employment relationship.

Mail order companies see this more loosely because they have as security the goods bought on credit that remain their property until they are fully paid.

Why the mail order credit is not recommended

Why the mail order credit is not recommended

In the mail order business, consumers, whose financial situation is usually already tense anyway, take out a loan. They often have problems when the installments have to be paid. The risk of indebtedness is relatively high, because you can also order in parallel from several mail order companies and all grant credit equally.

Anyone who has seen the program “Get out of debt” on RTL knows how often there were debtors with mail order debt.

In addition, these loans, which are offered by mail order, have relatively poor terms. Installment loans are available from direct banks at significantly lower interest rates, and therefore, if at all, installment loans from direct banks are preferable to mail order. Consumers should make a habit of only ordering goods that they can pay for immediately after delivery. This protects against indebtedness or over-indebtedness.

Change consumer behavior

Change consumer behavior

It is often just a small step from excessive credit consumption and the impending debt trap. If you step on the emergency brake in time, you can escape the debt trap by changing consumer behavior. Certain purchases should simply not be made on credit, but should only be made when the money is available.

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Entrepreneurs, Avoid Fast Loans From the Following Sources Mon, 20 Apr 2020 04:08:14 +0000

Are you someone new to starting your own business? For those of you who are new to the business world, capital is definitely the main thing you need to prepare for your business to grow, whether it’s financial or business skills. When it comes to preparing financially, there are many alternatives that can be taken, especially if there is not enough capital available. One of these is to apply for a quick loan to a bank or financial institution.

Liquid quick lending is definitely one of the alternatives due to its easy and fast process. However, not all lenders will be able to benefit you in the future. Here are some resources or parties you should avoid when you decide to apply for a quick loan to supplement your venture capital.

Loan shark

Loan shark

Generally, it is also known as street cooperatives, whose services are often offered to small or medium-sized entrepreneurs. Don’t get caught up in the delusions of fast-paced, low-interest loans offered by lenders.

The interest payable at the end of the month usually does not match what you have agreed to. In addition, the short term and the intimidating collector will make it even harder for you to pay off the loan. Your business could be in jeopardy as your funds will be depleted to pay off loan sharks.

Unsure Investors

If you’ve recently run your business, one of the alternative sources of additional capital available to you is through investors. This is an alternative as investors typically provide more flexible loan terms and have the same business interests, thus expanding their business potential.

However, not all investors benefit from your business. Be careful when choosing an investor, as you risk picking a loser or stealing your business idea. We recommend that you do not rush and check the background of your intended investors. If it looks a little bit convincing, don’t hesitate to find another investor rather than picking the wrong person.

Unofficial Financial Institutions

Unofficial Financial Institutions

In this modern age, liquidity lending is much easier. Conventional and online financial institutions are increasingly thriving. Unfortunately, not all financial institutions are official. There are also irresponsible people who intend to cheat on behalf of a financial institution.

The only way to find out is to go directly to the financial institution and see what kind of Good Finance loan is offered. You can also check if the financial institution is registered with the OJK. If you are already registered with the OJK, you can report the agency to the authorities in the event of an unwanted event.

When applying for a fast and easy loan for additional venture capital, make sure you are not rash in determining your source of capital. We hope that the source of your loan will help you grow your business well, yes.

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Credit Bureau-free credit comparison Sat, 04 Apr 2020 04:09:43 +0000 In Germany, it is common for Credit Bureau to be checked before a loan is approved. The Protection Association for General Loan Protection stores data on current accounts, loans, cell phone contracts or installment purchases from every citizen living in Germany.

If a customer becomes noticeable due to non-payment, he will receive a negative note. With such a negative characteristic, the credit rating deteriorates and loans can be refused. What only helps in such cases is a credit-free credit comparison.

What are Credit Bureau-Free Loans?

What are Credit Bureau-Free Loans?

Credit Bureau-free loans create a bit of confusion, because they don’t actually exist in Germany. But there are loans despite Credit Bureau entries. However, not every bank participates. For this reason there are intermediaries who can actually bring such loans to the man or woman.

They have the advantage that they have been active in this sector for many years and know the banks that also lend to people with poor credit ratings. A Credit Bureau-free credit comparison gets to the point, because here too there are differences that can affect interest rates or other conditions.

Credit Bureau-free credit comparison – what should be considered?

Credit Bureau-free credit comparison - what should be considered?

The comparison is basically free of charge. A possible request to the credit intermediary must not cost money. However, it goes without saying that fees have to be paid when concluding a contract. But anyone who gets such a loan will certainly be happy to pay it. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that intermediaries require a prepayment.

Such offers should be ignored right away, because they are untrustworthy and loan seekers usually do not get a loan or their money back. Fortunately, most financial service providers work for their customers and not against them. Another alternative to the Credit Bureau-free loan is a Swiss loan. There is no Credit Bureau query here. Financial service providers can also arrange this loan without obligation.

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Free Money Loans for Business Sat, 04 Apr 2020 03:35:56 +0000

Free Money Loans for Businesses – Nowadays the times have become more sophisticated and the need for a second or side job that is profitable and can be run for a long period of time.

It’s just that businesses need funds and it’s not easy to build them with funds that you own.

A credit or loan fund is needed so that you can realize your dreams as an entrepreneur.


It’s just a few people who want to provide free money loans to you without a guarantee because of course those who provide funds do not want to lose money and can be sure if the funds provided will bear fruit for them.

Maybe free funds can be obtained through relatives or friends because only a trust guarantee is needed. If trust has been broken, then you can no longer be able to borrow from them.

Any type of business that is run must require capital so it is almost impossible if you do not take credit funds as a loan in order to realize this.

Business loans have become a part of a business that is difficult to separate. How to get it is to use the type of credit offered by several financial institutions spread across various regions.

There are types of KDA or KTA as needed. If you want a free loan, then the KTA is chosen because there is no need for any collateral even though the interest is quite high.

Selection of credit or business loans also has an influence on cash flow


However, the selection of credit or business loans also has an influence on cash flow, so many factors must be considered before actually applying to business loans.

Credit classification for business operations is decided in accordance with the scale of the business that you are going to run at the same time as the loan size desired because if it is not in accordance with the type of business, then the funds will certainly not come out because the provider of funds will not believe if you can return the funds the.

Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance whether the business you are running is a small, medium or large business so that it can calculate the exact funds that will be used to expand and build the business.

The classification of types of credit is adjusted and regulated by the bank because each financial institution has a different policy.

The interest of each type of credit is also different and it’s your job to ask for each ceiling or limit of each credit.

When viewed from the method of payment of interest or principal, there are two types of loans, namely ordinary and checking accounts.

If you choose the usual, the bank will immediately provide loan funds to you to use in accordance with business needs.

All you need to do is make regular installments of bills and interest every month without being late because this can hurt you too.

If you have a business with cash flow or cash flow routinely into your bank account, then this type of loan is very appropriate.

Regular income will make you able to pay debt installments regularly without worrying about bad credit.


If you choose a checking account, then the loan will be given in the form of demand deposits where the routine payment that must be made is the interest on the loan from the fund amount.

The advantage is that the principal is only paid once a year or at the end of the loan. This type of loan is perfect for those of you who have businesses with irregular business cash flows because the business you run may only be in accordance with the order so that it is not a business that is run continuously.

In addition, withdrawing funds from an account can only be done when needed, and payment of funds is also adjusted to the incoming cash flow.

The thing to remember is not to borrow funds in excess of what you need to do because every month the bills and interest must be paid.

Determine in advance the value of the loan needed, then do the submission. This is because not all businesses run well and continue smoothly so you must have the right financial planning.

Hopefully, the information about how to get a free money loan for your business and business can be used as a reference as well as a thought so that you can determine the future of the business that has been run.

Conditions for Submitting Loans at Good Finance

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How to negotiate debt and be successful in life – Debt Consolidation Fri, 03 Apr 2020 04:31:55 +0000

However, a tenant who has no decision but togo unsecured loans (without equity) can also find the cheapest loans. Inside type loans contest has grown. Loans are to raise small amounts of alternatives when it comes. To get cheaper loans you should compare the loans and build your brain up.


The problem with cheap loans is not that they are poor in nature

The problem with cheap loans is not that they are poor in nature

Indeed, it is not and it is for borrowers to derive benefits from their negative effects. If you could adopt a careful and sober way of loans, I’ll help you. An individual can take out financing from various places in Britain’s mortgage market. You will find construction companies, online lenders, high street banks, etc., which are proven to provide a large community area with mortgage discounts that are good. If you have a credit rating that is good, you get cheap loans from these creditors.

Having the ability to remove that loan can be a valuable thing to get. It is not impossible to have so much debt that you do not qualify for a mortgage. Be careful that your income is not exceeded by your repayments. The more money you have, not available to create refunds, the more chances there are of having accepted to get a connection. Also, you need not to be blacklisted. Any blacklist you can avoid getting approved to get a mortgage. Typical lender home loans are simply given to individuals with an excellent credit rating, it has not produced results that have been dark. Even late payments on expenses will result in a poor credit score.


Creditors are to attempt to take out the loan process as you can own more money in the venture

Creditors are to attempt to take out the loan process as you can own more money in the venture

It is up-to the borrower to ensure that obtaining a low cost loan as the lender is not currently likely to be worried about making it so for your client.
Most likely, he asked to take out a debt consolidation loan every time you go for debt assistance, you will be. This loan allows you to incorporate all your debts into a single mortgage bill. By obtaining a reduction of the interest levels or an extension of a payment opportunity it is possible to reduce the monthly installments ,.

There is always include value to your home an effective way to add a solarium to the rear of the property. If you embed movies into your home, its value is growing. Additionally, a sun room looks great, offering your property more appeal to a consumer.

Companies to help get out of debt are also always fairly typical today. You will find companies that provide debt consolidation which basically means that it will pay off debts for everyone from credit cards, etc. it will help you since interest rates become lower since all you have to pay for will be the firm that is single. .

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Credit intermediaries without Credit Bureau Sat, 21 Mar 2020 04:06:51 +0000

The loan through the credit intermediary and without Credit Bureau is often the last lifeline in a seemingly hopeless loan search. The article deals with how credit intermediaries manage small credit miracles. In addition, intermediary credit is just one of the remaining credit options.

Credit through credit intermediaries without the Credit Bureau

Credit through credit intermediaries without the Credit Bureau

A loan through the credit intermediary and without involving Credit Bureau is not just one of the ways to escape the liquidity squeeze. The loan without Credit Bureau can even bring significant benefits in the long term. People who are planning a larger investment, for example building a house, should preferably have no installment loans in their Credit Bureau information. A loan without Credit Bureau is not a one-way street. On the one hand, the lender can do without an insight into Credit Bureau. This variant is recommended for negative entries.

It is also possible not to report a loan to Credit Bureau. The credit therefore does not reduce the creditworthiness of further loans. In the case of large sums of financing, every little thing counts for the interest burden to be borne. If you have to meet current credit obligations, you pay slightly higher interest rates. In the case of large loans, it therefore takes revenge for not having provided Credit Bureau credit-free information. The loan through the loan broker without Credit Bureau is a good way to plan the house financing without a credit entry.

Credit despite negative Credit Bureau entry

Credit despite negative Credit Bureau entry

The more common reason to look for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau is a negative Credit Bureau entry. Credit intermediaries can use various options for this purpose. Classic is the solution to the problem with the foreign loan. With a Swiss loan, a look at the Credit Bureau is not an essential prerequisite for lending. Unfortunately, the changes in credit triggered by the euro crisis are noticeable in foreign loans. The ability to get a permit is no longer as easy as it was in the past.

Credit intermediaries have another alternative through specialist providers from Germany. In view of the global changes in the credit markets, banks from Germany are now also involved in the business with risk loans. The last option for the loan without Credit Bureau remains private investors.

Brokering personal loans

When it comes to private loans, nobody is now only dependent on their friends. Two major Internet portals have conquered the business area of ​​credit brokerage for personal loans. The idea of ​​the business idea is amazingly simple and at the same time convincing. Small savers are the losers of the euro crisis. The money in your savings book loses purchasing power every day. Capital is burned instead of interest income.

People with creditworthiness problems are also feeling the effects of the crisis. You just don’t get a loan anymore. Almost all banks have become overly cautious. The banks in Germany are no less affected by this development than international banks. As a credit broker, with and without Credit Bureau, the portals create a win-win situation. Savers and borrowers alike benefit from private loans.

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Credit despite annual contract Wed, 18 Mar 2020 04:13:00 +0000

Traditional reasons for the conclusion of an annual employment contract are employment relationships between artists and athletes as well as long-term representations for pregnancies and lengthy illnesses. Today, companies are increasingly awarding an annual contract as the last extension within the permitted two-year fixed-term contract for new employment relationships. for further clarification

Annual contracts are unfavorable for borrowing because a fixed-term employment contract does not offer the lender security for an income sufficient to repay the loan until the end of the agreed repayment.

Does the time limit have to be specified?

Does the time limit have to be specified?

A loan can often be taken out in spite of the annual contract, since the lender only requires the presentation of a certificate of earnings and not that of the employment contract. The applicant must always provide information requested in the credit agreement honestly, even if it is not checked. Without a corresponding request in the loan application, nobody has to point out an existing annual employment contract.

In any case, a loan can only be applied for despite the annual contract if the borrower assumes that he can meet his repayment obligations. This is the case if the credit customer expects an extension of the employment contract as an employee, or an extension of the contract as an athlete or employed artist or the rapid finding of a new engagement.

Some lenders already guarantee the right to change the repayment agreement later in the loan agreement. These are to be preferred for a loan despite an annual contract, since the borrower knows for sure that if the employment contract is not renewed, he can temporarily lower his installments.

Who pays a loan despite an annual employment contract?

Who pays a loan despite an annual employment contract?

A loan despite an annual contract as a small loan with a short term is easy to obtain if the repayment is made within the current time limit. The agreement of installment payments in the mail order business is not restricted by the one-year employment contract, especially since mail order companies only ask the employer in exceptional cases.

If the account availability framework does not already exist, most banks set up a credit line for employees after three salary entries without checking the type of employment contract. However, since the overdraft facility is expensive, it should only be used for short-term financial shortages.

The simplest feature for credit approval during a temporary employment contract is that the bank does not request any evidence of permanent employment. The personal credit meeting in the branch of the house bank can also lead to a loan approval, since the bank clerk takes into account both the impression from the conversation and the previous account management when making the loan decision.

In the case of loans brokered on the Internet between private individuals, the credit decision is often made on the basis of personal criteria, with many private lenders prefering to grant credit if the borrower is finding it difficult to obtain a loan from banks.

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How to track corporate credit card purchases? Fri, 14 Feb 2020 07:55:23 +0000

The strict control of the corporate credit card is essential for the tool to be used with advantage in financial management. Increasingly present in small businesses, the instrument is valid for monitoring expenses, but if there is unruly spending, cash can be severely compromised.

The strict corporate credit card control It is essential for the tool to be used with advantage in financial management. Increasingly present in small businesses, the instrument is valid for monitoring expenses, but if there is unruly spending, cash can be severely compromised.

You may have heard of the corporate credit card in the news, as this tool is quite common in the public, including surrounded by controversy motivated by non-standard spending. But it’s not just the federal, state and municipal governments that make use of it. In the private sphere, small companies mirror large organizations to adopt the instrument.

If you are not yet familiar with the theme, it is worth understanding the modality as similar to credit card intended for individuals, but with some differences . The main one is that it is used by the business owner and other employees to cover specific expenses or pay company bills.


Credit cards for business travel

Credit cards for business travel

Among its most common uses are business travel , where it acts as the payment tool for hotel nights, for example. Modern solutions make it even easier by allowing only one code to be used by employees in place of the physical card.

Thus, in the month following the expenses, the company receives a single invoice, which shows the expenses ratio, with values ​​and locations, just like the credit card document for individuals.

But why can your business benefit from this kind of tool? Besides agility in purchasing, organization, practicality and security are some of the reasons to bet on it, as highlighted by the financial advisor Jose Ferdinand Molena:

  • ecurity : With the card, you don’t have to carry large amounts of cash or even checks, which would end up exposing you to greater travel robbery risks, for example.
  • rganization : Without this tool, the business owner or his employee would pay the expense on the spot, spending it from his own pocket and assuming a momentary loss, as reimbursement would occur later, depending on the arrangement between the parties.
  • racticality : Small businesses can use the card in a variety of situations, in addition to the aforementioned travel and attendance of events. Covering food expenses, purchasing replacement parts and car supplies are some of the options.

About this last advantage, in order for it to really benefit the company, Molena warns: we must have an effective and strict control of the corporate credit card. Otherwise, the tool will bring inconvenience to the business.

The consultant also points out that companies from all sectors can benefit from the instrument, but especially those that work with external vendors, sales representatives, whose employees travel on company service and who have vehicle fleets.


How to control corporate credit card

How to control corporate credit card

If you would like to know the potential benefits of the tool for your business, you can find out more about hiring them from banks that offer it. But before hitting the hammer, it is worth following some of the tips adopted to open corporate account, such as researching rates and tariffs and observing if the services offered fit your need.

After this step and with the corporate card in hand, you need to know how to use it to your advantage, so that you can experience only its advantages. The following tips, built with the help of Molena, are also valid for those who use a business (non-corporate) credit card to pay the business bills.

Create your rules

This first recommendation goes for everyone from the owner to the company’s employees. Without clear rules known to those who will use the card, there is a risk of runaway spending. Define, for example, who can use it (avoiding uncritical distribution or lending to unauthorized third parties) and how to use it (to pay what kind of expenses).

Rate the expenses

For the corporate card to be an efficient financial management tool, all expenses related to it must be posted and classified according to the chart of accounts. “This way, the company will know where it is spending and can analyze whether spending is growing or decreasing,” he says.

Track spending

To ensure the previous step, it is best practice to closely monitor how the card is used. By conducting regular monitoring , you readily identify unnecessary expenditures and are not surprised by a high bill the following month.

Use consciously

Card-related rules are there to be complied with. If he is used to pay an unforeseen expense, even though he sees such an act as an exception, there is an unforeseen injury that he will have to deal with. As a way to regulate the use of the tool, Molena recommends cards of the prepaid type, which are effective to limit the amount of spending and may even stipulate the places where it is accepted.


Bank reconciliation improves control

credit loans

The entrepreneur who adopts manual means of financial control often loses twice: by allocating precious time for a non-operational task and by being exposed to errors that can mask potential cash losses. This is a risk that is assumed by setting aside best management practices.

If you want to prevent problems, bank reconciliation may be the best solution. Such automated process consists of comparing your internal cash (inflows and outflows) with the bank statement.

With regard to the corporate card, a specific process for the invoice can be created, which allows not only to know the expenses better, but also to monitor them in time to make the necessary adjustments.

All this can be done with the minimum effort through an automated system integrated with other management tasks. Adopting an Excel spreadsheet is useful, but there are easy-to-use, inexpensive software that can be accessed from your computer or mobile devices. This is a good time and money saving tip – a daily search for small businesses.


Final considerations

credit cards

You have seen in this article that a corporate credit card can be a useful tool for making financial management more efficient in your business. But achieving this positive result depends on how it is used. To adopt the tool, then, it is worth remembering the main steps to take:

  • nderstand how the corporate card works and value it
  • Look for banks offering the card and compare their rates and services.
  • Create and follow rules to discipline and control their use.
  • Monitor expenses so that your company’s cash is not compromised
  • Adopt a management system to perform automatic bank reconciliation.
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240 month loan: are there any offers online? Thu, 06 Feb 2020 05:06:03 +0000

A loan with a term of 240 months is not a problem if certain purpose restrictions are agreed upon. An installment loan with a term of 240 months for private customers without a specific purpose for free use is a real problem.

If you are looking for a freely usable loan with a term of 20 years, you will only find it online if you belong to certain professional groups. Perhaps you are luckier with your house bank. But that is also very unlikely with installment loans for free use.

The chances are better with loans for business purposes, which are sometimes made possible with loan terms of 20 years.

Read why banks are so reluctant to grant loans with very long terms and which professional groups you have to belong to in order to still get a loan with a term of 240 months. And finally: Which provider on the Internet can you find loans with a 20-year term?

Installment loan 240 months term: a problem for banks


Banks grant a number of loan options to different groups of people.

The installment loan is one of them. This type of loan is characterized by certain rules that are beneficial for both borrowers and banks and are acceptable.

The most important rule: All loan terms are fixed from the outset. This applies to ancillary agreements such as special repayments, total redemption, and installment suspensions. But this is especially true for repayments and interest. Without the consent of the contracting parties, these key points cannot be changed during the credit period.

This is an advantage for the borrower, who knows the burden on the debt service from the outset.

In the case of installment loans that are freely available, only certain types of security are generally required. In most cases, a silent assignment of wages is enough. Banks do not like to accept other types of collateral because installment loans are mass transactions that are particularly worthwhile for direct banks if they are not too complicated to process.

Under these premises, very long maturities mean a risk that is twice as high for banks: A higher risk of refinancing. An additional credit default risk, because it is difficult to predict creditworthiness with very long terms.

There are two limitations to the nature of this direct bank loan option. Once the loan amount is limited. Often no more than 50,000 dollars are possible. On the other hand, the duration of the term is limited. For most banks, it is no more than 96 months. With longer maturities over 60 months, the banks additionally hedge themselves. On average, more interest is required.

Only a few banks, such as Good Credit Bank, grant installment loans to private individuals who go beyond the scope just described. Good Credit Bank, for example, issues loan amounts of up to USD 100,000 with terms of up to 120 months.

Good Credit Bank and other banks that accept long terms of up to 120 months are included in the loan calculator we recommend.

If you can also live with terms of up to 120 months and with installment loans of up to USD 100,000, we recommend using this loan comparison free of charge and without obligation.

Otherwise, it depends on whether you belong to a professional group for which certain loan variants for loans to private individuals without a specific purpose are offered with a term of 240 months.

Official loans and official loans: Eligible professional groups

Official loans and official loans: Eligible professional groups

Official loans and so-called official loans can be applied for by all employees in the public service. Depending on the provider, public sector employees have to wait a few years before they are eligible to apply.

Some providers also accept other professional groups. This includes, for example, employees in academic professions or in management positions.

A secure job situation and a good income are required. It is regularly expected that the employment relationship has existed for a few years when the loan is requested. The standard is probably five years.

As a rule, loans with excessively long terms are only sought when the loan amounts are high. Civil servant loans or civil servant loans on average allow loan amounts of 20 to 25 times a month’s salary. The loan amounts can therefore significantly exceed the limit of USD 50,000 that is usual for installment loans.

However, all existing credit obligations must be replaced by the official loan taken out. An exception is real estate financing, which can remain in addition to the official loan.

A distinction is made between two variants. In one variant, conventional installment loans are granted. This variant is often called an official loan. The peculiarity lies in the very favorable effective annual interest rate and the possibility of high loan amounts. But the term is usually no longer than ten years or 120 months. A period of 240 months is usually not possible.

Another variant consists of a final loan, which is concluded together with a repayment vehicle. This variant is often referred to as a civil servant loan or real civil servant loan. Mostly it is a life insurance or pension insurance. Savings plans on securities are also possible.

At the end of the term, the loan is repaid from the repayment vehicle by the maturity payment. Only interest has to be paid during the term, however, for the entire amount during the entire period. The monthly installment is made up of the interest payments on the total amount and on the contributions for the principal.

These loans are cheap during the loan period. Another question is whether a calculation of the total costs leads to the same result. Official loans are possible with terms of 240 months and can also be concluded online.

For example, they are used by the credit intermediary offered. The financial service provider arranges both government loans and government loans.

The maximum loan amount is generally given as 100,000 dollars. Higher amounts can be requested after contacting us beforehand.

Real estate loans as general-purpose loans

Real estate loans as general-purpose loans

Mostly loans for which a land charge or a mortgage are entered in the land register are granted for the purpose of financing a property.

For some time now, however, financial service providers have also offered mortgage loans as general-purpose loans that can be used by the borrower as desired. One example is Good Credit’s mortgage loan.

The prerequisite is that you own an owner-occupied property or want to purchase one. The terms can be chosen to be very long. 30 years, 360 months are possible. In this respect, a loan with a term of 240 months is not a problem.

The maximum loan amount is given as 300,000 dollars. The mortgage loan is also subordinated. Apart from the entry in the land register, the borrower has the same advantages as this loan variant as with an installment loan. Redemption, interest, and term are fixed from the outset.


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