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The loan through the credit intermediary and without Credit Bureau is often the last lifeline in a seemingly hopeless loan search. The article deals with how credit intermediaries manage small credit miracles. In addition, intermediary credit is just one of the remaining credit options.

Credit through credit intermediaries without the Credit Bureau

Credit through credit intermediaries without the Credit Bureau

A loan through the credit intermediary and without involving Credit Bureau is not just one of the ways to escape the liquidity squeeze. The loan without Credit Bureau can even bring significant benefits in the long term. People who are planning a larger investment, for example building a house, should preferably have no installment loans in their Credit Bureau information. A loan without Credit Bureau is not a one-way street. On the one hand, the lender can do without an insight into Credit Bureau. This variant is recommended for negative entries.

It is also possible not to report a loan to Credit Bureau. The credit therefore does not reduce the creditworthiness of further loans. In the case of large sums of financing, every little thing counts for the interest burden to be borne. If you have to meet current credit obligations, you pay slightly higher interest rates. In the case of large loans, it therefore takes revenge for not having provided Credit Bureau credit-free information. The loan through the loan broker without Credit Bureau is a good way to plan the house financing without a credit entry.

Credit despite negative Credit Bureau entry

Credit despite negative Credit Bureau entry

The more common reason to look for a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau is a negative Credit Bureau entry. Credit intermediaries can use various options for this purpose. Classic is the solution to the problem with the foreign loan. With a Swiss loan, a look at the Credit Bureau is not an essential prerequisite for lending. Unfortunately, the changes in credit triggered by the euro crisis are noticeable in foreign loans. The ability to get a permit is no longer as easy as it was in the past.

Credit intermediaries have another alternative through specialist providers from Germany. In view of the global changes in the credit markets, banks from Germany are now also involved in the business with risk loans. The last option for the loan without Credit Bureau remains private investors.

Brokering personal loans

When it comes to private loans, nobody is now only dependent on their friends. Two major Internet portals have conquered the business area of ​​credit brokerage for personal loans. The idea of ​​the business idea is amazingly simple and at the same time convincing. Small savers are the losers of the euro crisis. The money in your savings book loses purchasing power every day. Capital is burned instead of interest income.

People with creditworthiness problems are also feeling the effects of the crisis. You just don’t get a loan anymore. Almost all banks have become overly cautious. The banks in Germany are no less affected by this development than international banks. As a credit broker, with and without Credit Bureau, the portals create a win-win situation. Savers and borrowers alike benefit from private loans.

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