How does this work

How does Liftago-Taxi service works

Thanks installed on the phone (the platform Android, iOS) application, the passenger will see a map of the location closest to it in the form of taxis pictograms.

1 Clicking on the icon on the map of the free taxi, a passenger sends a signal to the order, fill in your address and destination address. The taxi driver receives a signal ordering the route and confirms the order, sending the passenger information and the cost of the trip. Upon arrival, the taxi cab driver sends a signal by pressing the "taxi filed."

2 At the end of the trip, the passenger on the phone clicks "arrived" and can leave marks for service in the form of stars rating.

3 Taxi driver presses the "end of travel" and "paid" and also can assign a rating to passenger in the form of stars rating.

4  The vehicle cab driver again noted on the map as a "free" for a new order.

This enables passengers reduce waiting, costs or bad surprises. It also helps taxi drivers provide better taxi service and make the most out of their business.
There are no fees for you to pay in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Simply attract passengers to use our free Liftago Taxi app. From then on, you receive a piece of the pie from each Liftago ride they take!

Liftago FREE Mobile App for Taxi Drivers and Passengers

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